My name is Christena Greenlee. I am a licensed clinical social worker. My goal is to provide counseling within a safe, comfortable environment and to develop a genuine relationship with my clients, one that is non-judgmental, accepting and empathetic.

The therapeutic approaches I use depend on the age and developmental level of the person(s) I’m working with, as well as the problems they are facing. I often use a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies in the work I do with clients, helping them to understand how thoughts can affect feelings and behaviors. I also work from a family systems perspective to help individuals, couples and families gain understanding for how they interact within their environmental system and what they can and cannot change.

Relationships are an essential element in life, and when they are broken or strained, whether between parent-child, parent-teen, adult-adult, life can feel overwhelming. Individuals can gain understanding and healing in relationships, often by learning to understand "self" first. I work with couples and families together to help them learn how to listen to and understand each other.

There is little more frustrating than feeling unable to manage a child or understand what is happening with them. I have specialized training in working with parents to help them understand and manage difficult behaviors of their children. Parents gain an understanding of developmental levels, needs, and skills to manage behaviors. My goal is to enhance parent-child relationships by rebuilding the bond of affection and trust. I train parents to use specific techniques in their home and in their lives to feel more empowered in their parenting skills.

I truly enjoy working with people and am honored to be trusted with delicate parts of my clients' lives. I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to call and ask questions or send me an email.